Friday, 27 March 2009

Life like hell

Being so tired these days..

im juz finish my test on wednesday...

then i juz slept 4hrs...

thyx for the history asignment..

grrrrr...but nvm..i pssed it up

i got my test papers back these days

but some subject make me dissappointed

i'll keep doing my best..

today my classmate told me that i fail my bm

o.o *shocked*

actually the tcher miss to count total mark

here's my result only for main subject

bm-C [still bad =(]

bc-B [almost get A]


science-B [almost A also ==']

bi-A [yea! =D]

geografi-A =)

maths-A [90% ^^]

Sejarah-D [euh! really bad..i didnt do revision 4 ths subject]

SUMMARY -3A_3B_1C_1D (i suppose not to get D next time x| ,swear to myself)
i can get 5A if i'm x careless.. T.T

Ujian Prestasi 1 of 2009

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