Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Pelajar Perdana

Today,some of excellent form 3 & form 5 student was asked to go to the meeting room...

I'm one of them

after that,i knew that all of "us" was the "pelajar perdana" for this year who going to have PMR n SPM exam..

As a pelajar perdana :
MUST get atleast 5A in every exam/test

teachers will pay more 810tion toward us

teacher target those P/P to get 5A n above in PMR/SPM

u can borrow more books than other student frm school libary xP

can stay at language centre more longer than other

form 3 students will have "melawat sambil belajar" to Teknik Schl at Keningau while form 5 students will go to Kolej Matrikulasi at W/P Labuan =)

Get a special student card for special layanan @ schl xP

u'll ask to meet counseling tcher if u don't get A in ur exam

can't escape class etc.

all homework must pass up,can't escape

will check note book once a week

So...this saturday i'm going to get Card pelajar perdana.....
I need to work harder now! From this Sec..

WELL,i gtg...Bye =)

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