Monday, 2 November 2009

My weekend simple journey

I'm so busy these i'm going to write a simple post that i'd did on last weekend...
let's start~

7am- i were asked to meeting with Manda..we'd wait for the teacher for about 1hr to start waste my time! At last,the meeting was postponed to 10am..

8am- played UNO with my gang..

10am- went to the badminton club meeting again...totally wasting my time...

11am- when i leave meeting room,i notice that there was "Majlis penyampaian hamper" My group got 1 hamper...
- played UNO again until 12.20pm

3pm- reach K.K
- Aunt Teresa brought me to her hse...
- I got chance to online at her hse ^^

6.30pm- going to grandma hse to have dinner
- dropby Lido KFC to buy a bucket of fried chicken..

6.50pm- reached grandma hse
- had dinner with all
- i love black pepper chicken which cooked by grandma *thumb's up*
- watched tv

12am- zzz time

31/10/09- Saturday
-Nothing happen in the morning n afternoon-
7.50pm- Robin fetched us to his hse...

8pm- had dinner at Kinabalu Yatch Club located at Tanjung Aru with Aunt Alania & family
-i ate lamb chop,drank red wine...hehe...
12.30am- back home
- watched National Treasure
2.30am- zzz

1/11/09- Sunday
7am- woke up early in the morning bacause had to fetch my brother from his schl...
8am- went to Lido to buy breakfast,i guess i lost my hair band there
9am- went home had breakfast
~~~~Tv & take a nap~~~~
12pm- had lunch
-dropby aunt Teresa's hse
-went to swim at Sutera Harbour..haha...i m desire to swim..=DD
4.30pm- went to Tanjung Aru beach,ate ice red bean n BBQ honey chicken wing
- sent brother back to school
6.30pm- reached totally tired!

Here's some pictures to share with you~
I love this pic but it is too blur =(

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