Monday, 30 August 2010

To prepare copper(II) nitrate by the reaction between an acid and a metal oxide

I’m going to share my experience on this amazing experiment. My chemistry teacher begin to teach me “salts”. Before my lesson, teacher told me that this chapter is the most interested among other chapter. But, there is a lot of facts to memorise. we did the first experiment in this chapter. Teacher hope that we can learn more from book through this experiment. =)

Aim: To prepare copper(II) nitrate by the reaction between an acid and a metal oxide

Apparatus: beaker, glass rod, 100cm3 measuring cylinder, wire gauze, tripod stand, Bunsen burner, conical flask, spatula, filter funnel and filter paper.

Materials: 1 mol dm-3 nitric acid and copper (II) oxide powder.


1. About 30cm3 of 1 mol dm-3 nitric acid is put in a beaker and is heated.

2. Using a spatula, copper(II) oxide powder is added a little at a time, to the hot nitric acid while stirring continuously with a glass rod. The addition of copper(II) oxide is stopped when some black solids remain undissolved.

This is what i got...

3. The mixture is filtered to remove the excess copper (II) oxide.

then, the filtrate is evaporated.

4. The filtrate is evaporated until a saturated solution is formed.

5. The saturated solution is then allowed to cool to room temperature.

Taadaa! the blue CRYSTAL is formed!

6. The blue crystal formed are removed by filtration, rinsed with a little distilled water and dried between filter paper.


Conclusion is copper(II) nitrate can be prepared by the reaction between copper(II) oxide and nitric acid.

The blue crystal is sparkling under the sunlight..

This is the blue crystal!


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J Generation said...

nice for you. I don't even have a phone or camera to snap the process when I had this class before. XD

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