Friday, 26 November 2010

Balik kampung (back to hometown)

14 Nov
I’m so excited as I got holiday earlier a week than my other schoolmates. I applied holiday earlier to attend MAKEP (Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan Pelajar) in my former school. After came back from Sepang, I attended HAK (Hari Anugerah Kokurikulum) on Friday then start packing my things and clear my locker because Sunday is my BIG day! My holiday is started and daddy promised to fetch me in my hostel, of cause my brother will come along as his holiday started earlier than mine. Actually I HATE to pack things, but I can’t wait to back to hometown and meet my buddies. So I have to pack lah! x)

# On the way back to hometown. :D
16 Nov
Same as Manda, it’s my first time I got invite to MAKEP. HAHA! I used to be a “normal” girl as I never work hard for my exam I not a NERD, ok! Perhaps, I should say.. Errr.. I used to…….used to get addicted with online game. That’s why I never got invite in the previous year Ok, back to the main topic..
My friend ask me go to school by 7am although the ceremony start on 8am. I know we have a lot to talk, gossip, and share U know lah Girl talk never end.. I’m so happy seeing my buddies stay in a good health condition.. I even hugged San Ting in front of the classroom when I saw her. (Ting, I really miss you sooo much.)

# Do I look like a JERK?

# Taken when waiting for the VIP =.=
a good leader never let people to wait for him for so long.

Camwhoring is a MUST when u and ur buddy meet. After the ceremony end.

# NG 1 Ray, Manda and Hung have flawless smile ,but Hung is not ready yet.

# NG 2 Hung looks outsidebut Ray has a bright smile and three of us r look preety enough.

# NG 3 Three of us blocked em’ahh..dont care..three of us have a nice pose..

# NG 4 Ah..what am I lookin’ at?

# NG 5 Hung,what r u lookin’ at?

# Ray’s innocent face! xD kawaii!

# Lastly, we got a prefect photo!
** Eh, although there’s 7 NG(s)but those photos r so precious for me! I’ll print it out and stick in my locker in hostel.. T____T

# Pika, one of my closer friend.

# My ex-classmateCharl u looks soo cute!
After camwhoring, Ting, Manda and me walked to a new café. Can u imagine we walked under a BIG sun around 37oC OMG! I didn’t apply any sunscreen! Fortunately, I wore baju kurung & a cap. Cap or small umbrella are secret weapon for girl to bring along wherever we go Avoid the UV!
The shop named Little Town café. The interior decoration just like Old Town café. There’s some old pictures about Beaufort when it was flood. The menu, I mean the foods and drinks, lil’bit same as Old Town and Secret Recipe. I think the owner got inspired from both of the famous café gua It’s just like a Beaufort version of Secret Recipe. ;D Like it

# Ting.

# Our drinks: chocolate milkshake and OreoTM milkshake.

# My chocolate milkshake cost RM4.50 onlycheap right? U can’t get a cheap drink in Secret Recipe.

# Eggs and toast breads. Rm3.20 only..

# The food and drink are delicious.

# The C.A.T… ;)
Great day!

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