Monday, 22 November 2010

Karnival Kesenian Murid 1Malaysia -Part I

Our school dancer were selected by JPN Labuan to participate “Karnival Kesenian Murid 1Malaysia” which held on 7th-10th Nov in Empress Hotel, Sepang. Our flight to LCCT is around 10am in Sunday morning by Air-Asia.

# Taken in Labuan Airport.

# Breakfast is nasi lemak and coffee.

After 2 hours and 30 minutes later, we departed in Sepang.

# Taken in LCCT while waiting for bus.

Later, the bus driver went to KLIA fetched participants from SM Seni Kuching…I saw them brought lot’s of music instrument such as violin and guitar… Awesome! After that, we checked in to Empress Hotel where located not far from the airport.

# Taken in the ballroom.

8th NOV

# Breakfast.

# Marsha and me.

# Honey star!

During Opening ceremony……

# Huge double bass.

# Performance from Perak, Kombo Cili Padi.

# Taken with friends from Kelantan. They hv awesome costume!

# Do I look like amah? -.-

# My 1st time use false eyelashes.

9th NOV

There were 18 contingents altogether and divided into 2 groups which will going to shopping complex either in Metro Point or Alamanda. We were in Metro Point.

# All of us. We performed Tarian Daling-daling & Mengiluk.

# Me and my partner.

# The guys.

# The girls and teachers.

# Participants from Melaka.

# Wayang Kulit Hidup: Orang atasan.

# Orang kampung.

# The prince and princess.

After performance,we back to hotel…In the night, it’s the closing ceremony.

# frm Sek. Seni Kuching.

# from Johor.

We won a trophy!

Stay tuned for part II!


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