Saturday, 20 November 2010

Special course for school prefect

24-29 Oct 2010

During exam week, my beloved junior, Liya told me that Mr. Sam has select a few student to become prefect for taking over form 5 students’ duty since SPM is around the corner. But, I didn’t expect that I’m one of the chosen students. I never was a prefect before. So, maybe I’ll earn experience as a school prefect by accepting this offer. Well, school prefect have to attend a course every year.I’m lucky enough as the course for this year will held in a place where far from our school, even far from Labuan. Hehe! Taadaa! The course held in Kem Bina Negara, Kundasang.

First, we’ll overnight at SMESH then go to KBN in the next day. We’ll stay in KBN for 4D3N then go back to SMESH. Sunday noon, mummy sent me to SMESH. This is the 2nd time I went to SMESH. I met some new friends when I 1st time went to SMESH. I met a junior, Natasha, she is a polite girl. She gave me a handmade keychain as our "first meet gift". I met Jean(Fren frm KKHS)! We chitchat and he shared his experience in Tenom…yes, he went to the khusus pengwas too..but held in Tenom.

# Natasha & me

Natasha was my photographer. :)


# the school hall


# pic5

1st day at Kundasang:

We began our journey early in the morning and arrived Kundasang in noon. The place is so cold as it’s located at the half-slope.

# Almost there............

# KBN, Kundasang.

The hostel is comfortable& the toilet is clean and big enough…. (comfort than my hostel in school) The food is delicious (eh, delicious than in school’s dewan makan) But, we have to wash the tray by ourselves after having meals.

During the night, we have presentation. After that, it’s sleep time. I can sleep well in cold weather (unlike in Labuan). This place such a heaven for me :D

2nd day in Kundasang:

I woke up early in the morning as we have senam seni at 6.30am..

# taken in the hostel balcony…

# parts of Mount Kinabalu.

As usual, we had ice breaking….then ceramah & some activities…

3rd day in Kundasang:

In the night, when I almost enter my dreamland….I was awaked(I meant all of us) by siren and announcement made by our jurulatih. “Semua pelajar dikehendaki kumpul di dataran kawad skrg juga!” then, we all MCC gathered at the dataran in the midnight (12am sharp). But, we wait for boys for almost half an hour. We chilled as the weather is freakin’ cold and raining...can u imagine that situation? We had “kembara mlm”… Usually they will doing this activity at some scary place such as in the forest or in the graveyard. Unfortunately (fortunately), we had this activity around the KBN only as the weather not allow us to do so(raining). This activity have 4 checkpoint and the most scary place is checkpoint 3….we were asked to climb up the straits one by one from bottom to the top with no light :(

4th day in Kundasang:

# pic 12

# have u ever seen this flower? I wonder what its name is….

# pic15

# pic16

# Peace!

# Aliya and me <3

# thick fog…

# pic20


# met new friends here…they are very friendly.. :D

# last pic before get back to hostel.


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