Saturday, 25 December 2010

Cousin's weeding dinner

18 Dec 2010
It was a BIG day for my cousin as the day was his wedding day.
I've been busy for the previous 2 weeks for practicing somethings with my other cousins.
Well, we also involved in preparing for the wedding ceremony.

Aaron and Michelle
I get to know Michelle since I'm 7 when I had my vacation in Singapore. I love her so much, she is a caring person. She bought me a lot of kawaii stuff. Now, I'm really happy as she is married with my cousin after they hand by hand for 10 years!

Congratz! ;)

In Sabah ethnic, Kadazan costume
In full costume.
I as the flower girl were asked to wear a Kadazan full costume during the "opening ceremony" when the bride and groom come in from the entrance to their dinner table.

We were asked to wear the local ethnic costume because there are some Ang-mo guest from Vancouver. :)
After that, I changed to dress. Here's some pictures taken after the dinner.

My cousins


The girls

Posing on the stage

BIG bite!

With the bride and groom.

That's all for today! bye!

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