Wednesday, 8 December 2010

My sweet 7teen present

Since the school holiday, my N 6288 had broken. I admit that I didn’t take good care of my 6288. I used to throw it everywhere when someone make me angry.  I’ve been using this handphone for 3 years. Honestly, slide is not better than the ordinary one although it looks trendy.

            So, I’m planning to buy a new handphone so that I can contact people. I started to get opinion from my friends. Manda let me try her cute Corby. I’ve tried 5800 too. But I realise I don’t like touchscreen handphone that much. Besides, before holiday I’ve “building castle in the sky”. I always wish that I could own a Nokia E5 or C3 since they are the cheapest Qwerty handphone. I once told my bf I wish to buy a E5 or C3. But he recommend me to buy Blackberry phone instead of Nokia. Because BB is running OS while N is running Symbian 60, smart phone is always “clever” than S60 right? =P

            Then, I tell daddy I wish to buy a new handphone. I didn’t aspect daddy say YES immediately because since I study in boarding school I’ve spent too much.  :(   Daddy brought brother & I to SenQ. First, I choose the cheapest BB phone which is curve 8250 as the price is below RM1000. But the salesman told us 8250 is not a 3G,it’s slow in connection. He put in a good word for Curve 9300 a.k.a Curve 3G. Lastly, I grab Curve 9300. Fyi, Curve 9300 release around September to October 2010. Aha, new release 1..  ;) Daddy always being fair to me and my younger brother. So, he ask my lil’bro to grab Curve 3G too. It’s first time both of us having the same handphone. LOL.. Daddy bought us new handphones as our next year birthday present. I’m extremely grateful to my daddy for buying me a new handphone. :) Love ya, daddy. BB finally came to me.
Yep, 29 days to go till my sweet 7teen~!! :D

# 1

# 2

# 3


#5   I love hello kitty till the bottom of my heart.

#6 But I don’t love cat. Yucks.



Chuen said...

hello fellow Blackberry user :D

Cяy§tаĿのSecret Café said...

Hi Chuen..u're also BB user ;D

k~^|n said...

wow...i also hope i can get it as my birthday present..haha

Cяy§tаĿのSecret Café said...

:) wish u can get it too...

Your Humble Servant said...

I still find it very hard to type on qwerty keyboard. To type "hello", i just have to find "43556" on normal phone. and yea, i do type in full.

nevertheless, you're lucky to have one great BB haha

tikkoss said...

congrax on ur new gift.. i wish im 17 again

Cяy§tаĿのSecret Café said...

Your humble servant: for me,i find out it's hard to type 43556.means have to type on that number repeating to get a word.. ;D

Tikkoss: thx :)stay young 4ever!

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