Sunday, 19 December 2010

One day trip to Mamutik Island

13 Dec 2010

My family and I had one day trip to Mamutik Island.
My uncle's friends from Canada are having their vacation in Sabah, so my uncle decided to have an awesome trip to island.
Early morning, we gathered  at Sutera as the yacht set off from Sutera. We rent a yacht which can accommodate   up to 70 people. There's 8 families joined this trip include my own family.


The harbor 

The golden Bird

I act like a tourist.

Sea urchin

Our yacht


Camwhore on the yacht

Heading to sea for fishing

My cousins

My brother

dady, bro and me

We stop in the sea for 1 hour for fishing. The fish we caught is for BBQ in the evening..Unfortunately, I'm didn't snap any pictures. After that, we head to Mamutik Island for lunch.

Lonely tree

I'm driving the yacht ;D

Mamutik island

my cousins

Korean tourists...

...showing off their body

Sharon and I

Entrance of Mamutik Island
After lunch, we went to snorkeling. The weather start to rain when we snorkel. So we only can play jet-ski while the para-sailing and banana boat have to cancelled. Actually we plan to enjoy the BBQ and sunset in the sea, but the weather not allow us to do so. So, we back to Sutera Harbour right after playing jet-ski. :(

Remember, next time when we're planning to have a trip, better check for the whether first.


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