Thursday, 16 December 2010

Outing for movie Tangled

Last Saturday, Nicole asked me out to movie.
We long time no see since I move to a broading school in Labuan.
Wen Le also come with us. So, we decided to watch Tangled.
From the poster I always wanted to watch this movie as the princess is so pretty.
Also I watched a vid from XiaXue then I think this movie is not bad to watch.

Tangled is based on Rapunzel.
Rapunzel has magic hair. yet,the hair colour is gorgeous.
Pascal is a funny pet. I always wanted a chameleon as pet.

Ah ha! pascal's emotion is so humor.
After movie, we went to shopping. We went to a Hello Kitty shop. Nicole and Wen Le bought me a Hello kitty bottle as my birthday present (in the advance). I'm so appreciate it! Their know I like HK, I think they read my blog. TQ babes!  :')

Last but not least, we camwhored in a place, just like the other girl did. ;D

Nicole and Me

Wen Le and Me

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