Monday, 6 December 2010

Supper in Lido

I always wanted to eat “lut-lut” everytime I passby Lido night market. Since there’s a food stall there, Lido become a crowded place. Yesterday night, my family and I had our supper in Lido night market.

# This was the stall I ordered lut-lut.

# There is various type of seafood, meat, siu mai, and vege. There’s colour at each stick indicated the price.

# I ordered these..the octopus are so delicious, it taste sweet.

# This is the price list.
Another food we had for supper is fried oysters. The oysters are so big  and fried with 3 eggs. It’s tasty!  *thumbs up*
# We order the smallest size which cost RM10.

# Camwhore in car on the way home. I look pale right? =.=

I’ll come for “lut-lut” next time for sure…


1 comment:

CaDLyNN said...

lut-lut? i call it yong tau fu :)

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