Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Day before leaving SMSL

30th Nov is Ratna's birthday..
It's also day of our last paper which means, most of us are leaving hostel tomorrow.
Kinda sad when people are going to leave us..
So, Ratna decided had a birthday party in dining hall as the LAST party before we go back to our hometown..

Last year, i first met Ratna at basketball court..
At first, I thought she's my senior..
because she's tall and..hmm..she looks like a shining star when she's standing at basketball court..
Yeah~ actually she is a excellent basketballer.. ;)

Our friendship begun when she entered my room last year..
that's a long story to tell...
She is my first Indian friend.... :)
Now, she is one of my close friend..

Anyway, I'm glad that I met her at SMSL..
If I didn't go to SMSL last year, maybe I never know her....
Ratna, thx for being my friend..
Love u. <3


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