Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Esprit De Corps

EDC is my batch's name in SMSL..

Since I was in this school, i learnt that we should have the cooperation spirit to face any problems.
In this school, I also met my classmate who came from different state such as Sarawak and West M'sia.

The new form 4 students were in 1 class that's why our relationship is as close as siblings.
We used to share bittersweet moments, cried together when one of our friend face problem, laugh out loud together when there's funny things.
I'll never forget those precious moments with the others, and let it be memory and I'll keep it in my little memory box.

Now, I've set free from secondary school and also hostel life.
This is a happy one but at the same time it make me sad because I gonna separate with my friends.
I hope that our friendship will last forever!
Pe'Tai & EDC, I heart u! ;)


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