Saturday, 31 December 2011

My 2012 wishlist

Since it's end of the year and my birthday is coming soon,
I've something that blink in my mind..Next year, I hope I'll get.................
1. New watch ( Baby-G white collection)
    Now, I only own a ELLE stainless steel watch, and been used it since 2009. I bought it because it need
    only second to wear it. But, I think it's too early for my age to use it. So, I hope I can own this baby-G
    for me to looks younger. ;P

2. Gossip Girl Dvd set
    I love this drama series very much, I hope that i can watch every episode till the last one. But since my
    connection is kinda sot-sot, so i hope to own a dvd set so that i can watch it whenever i want. :)

3. Be a backpacker.
    I always wanted to travel alone or with few buddy. I don't want to live in a luxurious hotel but a homestay is enough.

I hope my wishes will come true in 2012!

XOXO, Crysty

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