Saturday, 31 December 2011

Singapore Trip *Part 1

It has been 7 years since I last visit Singapore.
Wow..such a long time right?
Everyone knows Singapore has a big changes, so this year I plan to visit Singapore again.
This time is a lil'bit different, I travel with my brother, a cousin and also my aunt.
Actually I plan to travel alone, be a backpacker.
So, I haven't achieve my dream yet, to be a backpacker.

22 DEC
At KKIA, I saw a group of Australian youngster wearing a "World challenge" shirt, I'm so envy them as they can join this program. They were in the same flight with me to Singapore. ;) We arrived at Changi Airport at 5pm. Then, we took a cab to my cousin's house.

Brother and I in AK6273 ;)
23 DEC
Went to Suntec City. Had lunch in Bibigo Korean Cuisine. The dishes are delicious and the service also pretty good.

Red Chicken

Seafood Pancake

Squid and pork bulgogi

Bean sprout squid
Had dessert at Ben & Jerry's.

Huge and attracive christmas tree at Raffles City.

We had Taiwanese cuisine for  dinner at Lai Lai Hong Shau Niu Rou near Bugis Street. 
Herbs noddles
I love this dessert.
 Took some photo shoot at Bugis Junction before back home.


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