Tuesday, 6 December 2011


I never did sleepover eventhough teen drama always does!
I always wanna sleepover at my friend's house but maybe I'm still underage.
Until I am 16...My 1st time sleepover was at Nina's house..
I learnt their culture, join kenduri at relative's house..
This is awesome and I know this would be precious experience...
Since I was study in a place where far from my hometown.(kinda)
So, i seldom go back home except semester break...

This year, I went to Qila's house sleepover for 2 times..
I joined their Haji celebration..
I even learnt some Malay cruisine recipe from her father..
Her father is a good cook who bake cake, biscuit and so on..
Adorable girl..She is talkative and photogenic. 

@ Labuan library..1 week before spm.
I enjoyed every moment in my friend's house..
I appreciate everything I learnt from my friends.


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