Sunday, 8 January 2012

Singapore Trip *Part 2


My head become one of christmas eve's dinner.

Went to Science Centre. This is a recommended place to go for any ages especially for students as you can learn a lot of things. There's Dinosaurs-live! exhibition for this holiday. So we bought combo ticket which is for science centre and dinosaur. We can't get to Snow City as someone of us don't fit the clothing criteria, for people who want to visit snow city, you have to wear long pants and shoes.
Midnight, we had late night out to Shaw Cinema Theater at Orchard Road to watch Mission Impossible. The cinema has the largest screen in Singapore. The movie is awesome and we reached home after movie around 3.30am. I'm totally exhausted but I really enjoyed the day.

Marry christmas! Today is christmas and the shopping mall was super crowded! Had lunch at Pizza hut located at North Point Shopping Centre with my cousins. Then went to Vivo City in the evening. Had tea time at National Geographic. Here's the good place for people to take a rest after shopping. After lunch, we went to Rooftop sky park. It has water park for kids to splash out! Meanwhile, adult may sit down on the floor to relax their mind. I met an humour Indian man who had LOT of joking with his 5 y/o children, and i can't stop from laughing. ;D
My cousin and family

Taken at National Geographic

With my nephew at Vivo City

Logos Hope.

Later, we had Indonesian cuisine in Lucky mall with cousins. After Dinner, we went to Ion and had some photo shoot then head to Marina Bay Sand.The nightview is very beautiful. Fortunately the weather condition on that night is good. Went to The shoppes. And I went to casino. Ops. Just kidding. ;P Have a walk at Louis Vuitton gallery is a must when you come here. I like those leather bag but it is too EXPENSIVE for me. HAHA! Windows shopping around the Shoppe then back home and open up my christmas presents.  ❤

Dinner @ Ayam Penyet Ria, Lucky plaza.

Brother, cousin, and I

Golden christmas tree @ Ion
Marina Bay sands
I went to Casino. Opps.Jk.


U can found the finest tea in the world here.

Marina Bay Sands


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