Sunday, 22 January 2012

Singapore trip - Sentosa island *Part 4

27th DEC

We spent the whole day in Sentosa Island. We went there by monorail from Vivo City which only cost $3. It takes us 1 hour ride from Yishun by train. And the LONG queue almost kill me..there's a lot of people especially on holiday season and next time I'll come Singapore on not-holiday-season. Thanks God we own the SMRT card so that we could just "scan and go" in the entrance rather than fill up form to buy the monorail  ticket. The transportation in Singapore is very good. Here, they give the opportunity to senior citizen and babies that they have a pas way direct go into the monorail while we have to queue and wait. Our first stop is Imbiah Lookout.

Entrance of Sentosa Island
The first spot we went was The Merlion. The entrance fee is $5 only. Cheap, isn't it? In there, you will know the legendary of the sea dragons, mermaid, and the name of "Singapura" . After the show, we were ask to climb to the top of the Merlion and we were rewarded with a spectacular 360 view of Sentosa. The tourist who went to this Merlion will also rewarded with a lucky draw pass which u can redeem a merlion keychain. 

After that, we went to Underwater World at Siloso point. And the super silly thing was, we missed out to the dolphin lagoon as we're rushing to Universal Studio. How stup**... Then, a $26 of ticket wasted already. =.=

About touch pool, I have a funny story. When I hold the starfish as the picture below... A Indian kid beside me started to ask me if I could let him hold too.. Then I passed it to him.. And then, the Underwater World staff begin to call him: Boy...boy~ It's dangerous to hold the starfish like that! It could bite you! 
HAHA..Actually I did feel the starfish sucking my fingers and i don't think it bite. Anyway, I like to touch the Bamboo Shark and it really manja people.. It swim in my side repeatedly and i keep sayang-sayang it. It has rough skin surface just like sandpaper. 
Touch pool
After underwater world, we decided to visit Universal Studio the next day. So, we decided to watch 4D movies!  Actually I want to watch Extreme Log Ride and Pirates. But, since there's no combo ticket for these, so I bought combo ticket: Desperados and Pirates which cost $26. Both of the shows only 15 minutes. Desperados is a shoot-out games and there's a competition. So, I told my brother to play well to get higher score. In the end, brother got no. 3 out of 15 peoples. While, I got no. 4..haha! Unexpected! 
4D magix movie is so awesome and I really enjoy with the water splash, wind, chair shaking and the brush on my feet! Great!

Here's some pictures taken in the bus.

This countdown party sounds great.
Since we have extra time before dinner, we walked around outside universal studio.
# I bought entrance tickets of Universal Studio for tomorrow.
Straightway to the U.Studio. 

Huge Christmas tree! 
Christmas tree of ResortWorld.

Colourful Merlion

House Of Candy

Lake of dream.
We had dinner at IKEA and twelve cupcakes for dessert. :) Tasty food!
Till then!


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