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Singapore Trip - Singapore Zoo *Part 3

26th December 2011
Today, we visited animal Kingdom --- Singapore Zoo for the whole day. I'm really excited because I really love animals, there are adorable! Oh, besides the crocodile. 

I saw this sign in the last bus stop before the Zoo. It's kind of funny because...I think we will only see this sign board in the zoo, right? But, this is outside the zoo!! So, there must be some monkey here I think.. 

But I don't believe it as I was told this sign board since years ago. Perhaps, the monkey maybe ran away already due to the rapid development in Singapore. However, I wish to see one. Then, my 7-year-old nephew said he saw a monkey. But, I don't believe.  Then, I look around searching for the monkey.


I found the monkey!!! ( the red arrow) LOL... It don't afraid of peoples...Unfortunately, I didn't bring any fruit or food. So,  I can't attract the monkey to come near us. But, we keep speaking "monkey language" to attract its attention, it looked at us for a while then climb up a tree. Monkey thoughts: THESE PEOPLE ARE SO LAME. I guess.. LOL...

There's a lot of people in the zoo.. We queue for nearly half an hour. 

Various types of ticket. ;)

This type of monkey is the smallest one I ever seen.
This is a unique monkey. A visitor said the monkey looks like wearing a mask. It looks weird. But, i think is that its special characteristic can provide it some protection? 

I love this white tiger since I was 7 when the first time I visited here. Since that day, I always wish I could have a white cub as my pet. I know it sound insane, but i really do love white tiger more than the orange one.  Then, I only knew that white tiger is albino tiger few years later. 

Mr. Hippo
I went to Australian Outback,  I was lucky enough that I have a chance to feed and touch a kangaroo. This candid I took from there.
It's a sweet moment, isn't it?
Besides, we watched a show ---Splash Safari. The main character of the day was Philip, the sea lion. It's an intelligent animal. This was a great show and I enjoy it!

These are some picture about penguins. 


Bye-bye animals

I found this video and want to share with my readers. enjoy! :)


Happy Chinese New Year!

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