Tuesday, 28 February 2012

DIY: Stitch

I started my own DIY project since I was 10. My first project was beads craft keychain but it failed as I lack of strategic to do it. But I seldom doing DIY as I was busy studying, going school and private tuition, you know how was a primary school students' life nowadays, right?

My second DIY is cross stitch when I was 14 but failed also as I didn't know the correct way to stitch. I thought just simply stitch an X and then move to the next X. But I knew I was totally wrong when my aunty told me the correct ways. So it counted as failed again.

When I was 15, I tried a new one cross stitch with a S size one as I'm a beginner. I follow my aunt's instruction and finally I did it! I own my fist completed DIY project! I gave it to someone special. 

After that I haven't done any DIY until I took my SPM. After SPM I have a lot of to-do-stuff in my mind. When I was shopping in Singapore, I bought a stitch set. Right after my vacation, I start my project and I did it successfully. I'm so proud and glad about that. I've decided to whom this little make-up bag belongs to. I'm going to gift to my special one. Hmm, so, this can be counted as my Second completed DIY project!!! *Excited*



nbharzy said...

This is soooo cool. You know, Sabu also likes to do all this stitch stuffs. Ngam lah u both :P

Crystal said...

Haha..never thought sabu also like to do this.. I thought she likes drawing! ;D

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