Friday, 10 February 2012

A long-time-no-see friend

Faiqah is classmate during primary school. During my primary school days, I like mixing up with her and the other Muslim friends whom now studying medicine in Taylor's while another waiting for SPM result just like me. They can speak mandarin so well until now. ;) Well, Faiqah moved to Tawau in 2006 and this was quite sad for us as we can't study in the same secondary school. There's a lot of changes during secondary school days, one of my close Muslim friend was moved to a full-residential school. Everyone have their own way to go, they have their own dream to chase. I never ask when will she come back or when will us meet again.
But, I believe that we will meet someday. 

Last week, when Faiqah was down to the city, I grabbed the golden chance to meet her as I am very care about how's she doing lately. It been 5 years since we last met. Wah! I'm so excited when I saw her, so do she. And she said that I'm getting taller, do I? It will be a good news for me then. She's getting mature and prettier. We chit-chat for a while.  :) BTW,She spent me for drinks and I hope that one day I can spend her back. Well, I met her mom too who is my mum's friend also. I miss em' so much. They remind me of Beaufort the small town. 

I'm lovin' it!

Last photo before I leave.
Although it's short time for me but I do appreciate the precious moments with her. I hope that she stay pretty and healthy when the next time I meet her.


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