Monday, 13 February 2012

Memories at the beach

The only photo and it's blur.

The pretty young lady on the picture above is my cousin. She occupied most of my childhood days. I used to so close to her, follow her whenever she go or tell her my secrets. I remember that she taught me mystic things that I almost 100% believe it. Haha! And she is my idol during those days that I almost follow what she did and bla.. bla... bla... I enjoy the time being with her and I (used to) wish that have such a lovely sister like her. But, that's my childish thought and I know I should appreciate for what I have now. Since she moved Klang, we rarely meet and really miss her.

Last month, she were back to Sabah during her holiday when we did met up and hang out together to Tanjung Aru Beach. We went there with her others siblings and I did enjoy the moments. The beach remind me of our bittersweet memories in Kuala Penyu. Next time I hope that I could visit her at her place.

Did you spotted the sand crab?

Her leg when she want to step on the shifty sand.

Gaya Island

Hermit crab caught by my cousin

So happy I could fly


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