Thursday, 9 February 2012


We had planned a lot of things to do after graduate from high school included  KK trip  since form 3. Well, unexpectedly I went study in another school for two years. Since long time no see each other, they've planned come to see me in KK. I'm so excited as this is our very first time to have a trip without guidance, fine, we turn 18 this year, so no longer to be worry. So, we met each other at Suria Sabah. I actually on-leave for this reunion. The reunion is very important for me as they are my very close friends, we knew each other since primary school in year two! I know that after all of us further study, the chance for us to meet is very thin. Besides, I'm so longing to meet them, miss them so much.  

Shy-shy cat

So, after shopping around  Suria, we had lunch at Upperstar. Upperstar is always so FULL, like usual. Firstly, they ( the boys) are shy and acting awkwardly. Hahaha. But then, after chit-chatting, they become more "friendly". I ordered the butter chicken rice and turned out to be wasted because the chicken is so HUGE and hard to bite or cut whatever la. Nah, I won't order the afternoon menu next time. Although I don't really enjoy the food, but I enjoyed the moments with my buddies. 

My darlas

10 years friendship

Manda and me
Our drinks

Chimayo Cocktail

With the fact that we had turned 18, Manda decide to order an alcohol-drink for us to test and ask Raymond to spend us as he's working now. Hehe. At first, I want to try Singapore Sling which was developed sometime before 1915 and I read before about this cocktail in a novel. (Tu lah, ajaran sesat) But then, Manda decided to order Chimayo cocktail which is smaller glass than Singapore Sling. At first, I don't know why the waiter act awkwardly when Manda order the drink. His expressions was like "Are you sure you are going to order a cocktail?" and said "Chimayo cocktail?!". Then, Manda answered him confidently. When the drink was here, he looked at us weirdly one more time.. Wtheck. But, I think the waiter is so funny, he is around our age also ma, part-time waiter what.   

Take 1, caught some natural smile, like it.

Take two, the perfect one.
My boyfriends.
Last capture before I leave. *sad*
I'm looking forward to our next reunion. :)

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