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Singapore Trip - Universal Studio *Part 5

28th Dec

Today was the day before we go back hometown, so it is a must to visit Universal Studio!! So, we had planned to came here earlier but end up reach here around 11am. wtf... Fortunately, I bought the ticket yesterday so that I could get rid of queue in a long long line. Hehe... So, I'm so excited when I step into the main entrance. This is my very first time enter a theme park. I know, I know.. I never been Disneyland. So don't laugh at me. Well... As usual I walk a few steps faster than my brother and cousin and  had left them behind me. When my brother call my name from behind I thought there were something wrong then I quickly turn back and saw a KungFu Panda mascot. It was really near me and I managed to shot the photo without focus. LOL! As usual, the mascot will stand at a place and we (the visitors) have to come in front to queue for photo shooting. 

Kungfu Panda!

We found nothing fun until the Sci-fi City and we had decided to take the transformer 4D ride. It sounds really cool. So, we decided to QUEUE although it was a long line. We were told have to queue 2hours and 30minutes. Well, I saw few peoples give up but I told them, not us. The ride was really worth it. I really wish I could take the ride 4 times like my cousin did! Whuahaha.. Cool! After that, we planned to have Cyclone and Human roller-coaster ride but... Cyclone need to wait another 70mins. No way.. I don't want to waste my time, so I decided to go for Mummy indoor roller-coaster which require only 10mins waiting time. (By the way, don't forget to put your handbag and so on in the locker before the ride :) 

Bumble Bee

After exciting ride, we were into the fairy tale. Wah, I wish I am the princess living in the gigantic castle. I know I am building the castle in the sky. HAHA! We watched the 4D movie inside the castle. Really enjoyed the effect which included seat place shaking and....... (what? wanna know? try it then) I swear you wouldn't regret. After the movie, I know it's time for us to leave here as we have a dinner at a GREAT place.

How I wish I could live in this huge castle. LOL.

Spooted The Shrek when we were queuing. 

Camwhoring while waiting for our turn

Human and Cyclone

The Beauties

Tadaa!! I meant the GREAT place was the Hard Rock Cafe at Orchard Road. I really love the environment. Tonight will be my last dinner in Singapore. Plus, tonight Kevin and his band will perform at HRC so that is the main reason we came here. The food and beverage here were so delicious! I ordered Berrylicious so that i could bring back the glass as souvenir. By the way, I spotted a group of leng zai youngster and one of them keep an eye on me. How I wish i could dare enough to know them. Wtf. Haha. Anyway, next time I will come HRC again for sure. :)
At Orchard Road

My Berrylicious

The birthday girl

Kevin and the band
The very next day, we took a walk to tranquil a place. This place is suitable for stressful people to de-stress and maybe an ideal place for nearby school pupil to do their revision here. Moreover, this place has won 6 awards on the year of 2011. Marvelous is it? I show you some pictures here and let you guess what is this place.
Green environment

Nice building

Work hard! play hard! eat hard?

With my singaporean cousin
So guess what place is this? It is..........

We took lunch in 乐天海鲜 a chinese restaurant at the Changi Airport. I think all their workers included the cook are from China with their 普通话 slang. The interior decoration is bravo and their food also delicious to the max. ;) I like the fried prawn with sashimi and fish egg the most. We ordered a family package dishes for 10 persons with the soup included. The waitress said this package is the fastest which suitable for us who in hurry for flight. Haha.. and the bill? Less than $300. This really worth it. After the lunch, we departed at changi airport back to Kota Kinabalu with no guidance with us. Then, I'll be the 大姐大 to bring my brother and cousin. Of cause, we arrive KKIA safely around 8pm.

Singapore Trip
-The End-


Miss A said...

Envious! I wanna go to Universal Studios too! Great post!

Crystal said...

Haha! Better go there non-peak season! ;)

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