Monday, 5 March 2012

Magnificent Sunset

This puppy remind me of the miss kastam in Changi Airport. She wants this from me. 
Did you fall for the sunset? I fall for the sunset #2. These photos was taken on last week. Every time I saw beautiful sunset, I'll quickly grab my camera to shot the beautiful scenery. Well, sunset only last for few minutes thus we should appreciate every second in our life. 夕阳无限好,只是近黄昏。 I learn the chinese phrase in primary school.

My SPM result will be come out in 18 days. And I really hope that I could excel like my PMR. I can feel that my adrenal gland is produced in big amount. Gosh. Wish I can get flying colour so that I could get the best course and the best Uni. This will be my turning point in my life and I hope I can go to the highway but not jalan kampung yang lintang pukang. LOL. 

I usually doesn't ask others to pray for me, but this time. I have to. So for those who love me, pray for my SPM result k? :') Thanks.


-Aim for the moon, if you miss, you may hit a star.
----- W. Clement Stone

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