Friday, 9 March 2012

Seefood - Malaysia first English animation film


I watched this movie yesterday night with family as my brother already having his school holidays. The movie unavailable in Megalong so have to go to GSC to watch. Like usual, I'll reserve the ticket in GSC website and then redeem it at the counter 45 minutes before showtime. So I save my time on queue. 
When the movie begin, we all know that it's Silver Ant Sdn Bhd production. 
Then my brother ask: “姐,你看过Silver Ant啊?”

"Seefood" is literally means Seeing food, so it's not a typing error. LOL. 

So, we watch this movie with a question mark, after the movie end, we all have a summary, that's Malaysia film. There's some evidence which reflex the beauty of Malaysia :-
  • we can saw chicken as minor character
  • the voiceover using local slang of english
  • spotted lantern in the bad guy's house
  • saw paddy field with magnificent dawn

Actually this movie worth to see as we can learn a lot of moral value from it. Man always throw the plastic bag to the sea cause sea turtles die from chocking the plastic bag. The irresponsible factories release unprocessed  chemical waste to the sea which will lead to water pollution. There's some business men who are so selfish, crave for profit until they kill a lot of shark for the fins and also took shark's egg which will indirectly destroy the ecosystem or marine food chain.


I'm sure that some audience feeling curious for what kind of fish is for the smaller one a.k.a main character, Pup. It's actually a bamboo shark which can remain on the land for 12 hours and we usually can found it in touch pool. This means bamboo shark is harmless and safe to touch. Besides, the golden one are shark's embryo. I learnt this from Underwater World Singapore.


The storyline is pretty cool and there's some funny scenes which you can laugh out loud and throw away stress. Overall, my rating is 7/10.

Enjoy the movie and together we support Malaysia.



Apple said...

Wow!! Malaysia first English animation film?? It looks very nice. will pick a time to watch this movie :)

Crystal said...

Yup. ;) Enjoy your movie!

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