Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Avengers 3D (movie review)

I wanted to watch The Avengers since March! Well, who doesn't right? So, we decided to watch it on weekend at Megalong instead of Suria Sabah. I made this last minutes decisions to avoid crowded and "fast selling ticket". Plus, I never watch 3D before in Megalong and the ticket is more cheaper than Suria. It's rm13 and the parking fee is foc somemore. What a good deal wtf. HAHA.

So, cineplex cinema not bad actually, at least better than growball , sound system and air-con quite good, but the seats is incommodious and the screen isn't wide enough. I think it will be AWESOME to watch in IMAX with 3D wtf. K back to the topic.

What will happens when six mighty men come together to fight the evil? There's six superheroes (Iron man, captain America, hawkeye, hulk, thor, black widow) are brought under one roof by S.H.E.I.L.D director, Nick fury, when Thor's evil brother Loki threatens to destroy the Earth.

I've learnt that, we should co-operation with the member team in order to achieve success. We should also do the good thing for people to respect us, not in a bad way such as war and compromise in a bad way.

The hero I like the most here is Iron Man. He's so brilliant to invent a mechanical suits of armor. He runs high-tech to handle the evil.

This movie basically full of action and there's some funny scene will make u rofl. In short, this is an highly recommended film. Overall rating for this movie is 8.5/10.

I think I'll watch it for the second time in larger screen with 3D. LOL.  


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