Monday, 24 June 2013

Man Of Steel movie review

It's family day and I went to Suria for movie. I been there 2 days ago for Monster U. At first I was buying it online but the ticket was hell selling fast, I found out the seats I locked were sold to others when I was purchasing the ticket on the counter. But managed to get the 2nd front row. This time I bought it earlier but it was like 80% full at that time. The movie was released almost 2 weeks and with the number of audience I wonder how much I can earn if I am the holder of Gsc. haha..The GSC mobile apps only for credit cards and specific bank like m2u.. So i bought it through browser at the gsc website which linked to any account of any bank..

In speaking of the movie, it was really great. There were excited part, funny part and the touching part.
The excited part of course is when Kal-El fighting with Zod and his people. It was like you keep your eyes from blinking to watching their actions. Yea i know it sounds a little exaggerate. Hehe. 

And the funny part was like when Lois Lane tell Clark that the symbol is an alphabet "S" while he said that it is the symbol of hope. 

The touching parts have few scene for me. One of it was when Jonathan refuse Clark Kent to save him from tornado and the actions that Jonathan Kent took shows the kindness and the value of saving people life and put others for higher priority than himself. He even manage to save a dog's life. Jonathan sacrifice himself in order to hide the real identity of Clark Kent. Same goes to his mother when Zod visit her. We can see the bond between the mother and the son is strong when Martha Kent  said she afraid to lose him although she's not his biological mother. It shows how great is the love of parents to their child. 

Some aspect in this movie which is different from the old one is the meaning of the "s" and the superman this time didn't come out with the red underwear. :P And I think this muscular hero is kinda hot too.. ;) 

Overall rating: 8/10

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