Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My blog resume to work

-Hi from the geese, the guards of k17's lake.-

It's been a while since my last post. When newer apps such as instagram or other food review apps got invented, people like me tend to neglect the blog. I never thought my blog will be a resourceful webpage for somebody out there. I'm happy because there are 2 persons try to contat me and ask about how to get into upm asasi and then the upm vet school. It's my pleasure to help others to get into the course they are interested in. I feel like I'm a lighthouse to a mini boat in an ocean to guide them to the correct pathway. They are the reason why I should continue to write my blog. To inspire them. I had such a wonderful yet hectic life as a first year vet student. We are an extraordinary course where, our course not just about lecture and experiment time, our faculty organise a series of event by veternak committee and also ourdoor workshop organised by Zoologico club. So basically, friend from other course will be like "wa, u guys so many activity oh"
So from now on, i will update my blog as much as I can to share my experience with other people who has the same interest as me. I will also jot down my wonderful life besides study in my blog.

Move forward with our passion,


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