Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Krabi - Phuket - Koh Phi Phi (part 1)

Xin Yi and I been planing for Krabi trip since year ago and we came across Airasia promotion on early this year, so I booked the flight ticket without hesitation and glad that Xinyi agree with the deal so our backpack BFF trip is officially ON! Coincidentally the cheapest ticket we chose was on 13/4 which is the Thai New year so why not kills two birds with one stone? ;) Bryan joined us after we announced the trip. All the accommodations is booked via 


They keep laughing on my huge backpack

At the depature hall, felt kinda nervous.

Nothing to do in the plane so why not have a groufie
When we arrived Krabi airport, we hardly found a songthaew which is more budget and since it's a big holiday in Thailand, there was barely a taxi. So we end up sharing a taxi with a Hong Kong man. We had a joyful ride from airport to Ao Nang, sharing experience with the guy and got to know that he's amateur cave diver and believe me, he looks so young as like our age and we dropped our jaw when he tells that he is 49 :O he's handsome btw, according to xinyi HAHAHA. too bad, we couldn't get a chance to meet again as he stays far away from our place. But it was nice to talked to him though.

We stayed in Aonang Hostel for Backpacker, it's so near to the beach and only required around 5 mins from the alley to walk down to the beach. CLick the link the know more bout it. When the first time Bryan entered the place, he was like "this is cool" when he saw a mini bar. We booked the 16 people dorms for a night. We get splashed right infront the alley of our guesthouse and it was a really warm welcome by both local and the tourists. I can't wait to get wet with them since in the taxi watching people splashing each other, so we unloaded our backpack and pack a dry bag then explore the street.
The street by the beach

It's meaningless to stay dry in this big festival!
 We were shivering with the wet clothes on us and the rainy day, so we decided to fill the stomach at Ao Nang Seafood Bar & Restaurant. The food is delicious and it satisfied my tastebud but it's overpriced for thai food. We enjoyed the scenery and the local spiciness.

The sunset is breathtaking and you can only experienced it by your own.

Chang beer is a must when u visit Thailand

Pad Thai

Fried shrimp with pepper and garlic

We had a walk along the beach after change. 

The local offer us to swing with them. Haha

Lays from 7eleven
There's a songkran party at the pub but we decided to take a rest. 

Around 3am, we experienced two drunkers fighting and arguing after the Songkran Party and which disturb us from sleeping. My advice is get a smaller room for comfortable and minimize the disturbance. But we gained the experience that we will never get in our comfort zone. 

2 ways flight tickets inc. travel insurance and no checked baggage - RM230 (AK868 & AK867)
Accommodation inc. tax - RM28/pax 
Taxi to Aonang - 600thb
Dinner for 3 - 1408thb
Mini van to Phuket - 300thb/pax


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