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Krabi - Phuket - Koh Phi Phi (part 2)

Our mini van to Phuket will pick us up from our guesthouse at 9.30am so we woke up earlier for breakfast. But almost all the shop still closed so McD and 7eleven became the choices to get our breakfast. Although McD offer pork burger, the it's kinda overpriced and the McD breakfast is more expensive than M'sia so we decided to get some frozen sandwich from 7eleven and each of the sandwich cost not more than 40Thb. They heat the frozen sandwich which is kinda convenient for us and surprisingly it taste delicious and crunchy! So we had our breakfast at the beach enjoying the scenery and observing the local lifestyle. 

So the driver picked us up at 9.30am and went to another guesthouse to pick up a family of three. I thought out journey to Phuket was about to begin, but who knows the driver send us to a stop in the middle of nowhere to wait. The place actually comes with wifi but the lady keep denying for wifi password and the sim card we bought tak boleh pakai one, so we doing nothing while waiting. More and more tourists from other place came to the stops and some of them has lost their patience to wait. At 11.30am, they keep all the backpacks and luggages on the top of the mini van and so that's it. The journey to Phuket has finally begun. The van travel non-stop for approximately 4-5hrs until Phuket airport and then Phuket town. The driver didnt send some of the tourists who initially bought ticket to Patong Beach, they were asked to find their own transport to Patong Beach. It's sad for them.

When we arrived Phuket town, we walked around and passed by a guesthouse called Lub Sbuy House where we decided to ask the receptionist for the location of our hostel. There were 3 of them including the staffs and they are very friendly and helpful where they google map our hostel and actually drew the direction on the map of their own brochure. I was amased by the toilet light is run by motion sensor. We stayed at At Night Hostel where the staff is friendly and helpful, she confirmed my booking before I show them the voucher and gave us the wifi password right after the booking is done. So efficient! My friend said it is a cozy and clean place. I know I've made a right decision. ;D

Before we reached the hostel, we met a tuk-tuk driver, knowing that tomorrow we are departing for Phi Phi Island, then he suggest that we should buy the ferry ticket earlier as it might be sold out because of Songkran day. After settling our belongings in the hostel, we came back to him and dealing the day trip journey with him and he said that he can offer "student price" for us. So we made a deal to pier first, then to a viewpoint near the city, and Patong beach for 840Thb after bargain. He advised us to buy return ticket from PP to Krabi.

At the pier, the driver instruct us to buy from the selected counter which after purchasing I notice the lady looking for the tuk-tuk that brought us here and I guess the driver might get some comission. The lady was unfriendly as she offer us Phuket-PP and PP-Krabi ticket for 1000Thb and the showing unpleasant expression when I asking for discount.

So, we made it to Khao Rang Hill View Point and then after that to nearby temple which is Wat Khao Rang. But too bad the driver only drove us halfway and she refused to let us go in with the excuses of our attire and the monk will be meditating during evening. But in fact we brought sweater to cover up and I know every places like temple or mosque will be providing robe for tourists. Well, maybe next time then. We didnt make it to visit Big Buddha due to lack of time.

Dogs are everywhere around the viewpoint

We drop by Wat Khao Rang for around 10mins then after that headed to Patong beach, I managed to capture the road and the cars in the tuk-tuk.

In order to get to Patong, you will experience up and down the hills. And the traffic during that time was busy, around 5pm.

Bangla Boxing Stadium

Nutella Banana pancakes and sunset

Bars alongside the road

We had our dinner at a restaurant called San Sabai. They offer fresh seafood where the food is caught from the aquarium before serve. With affordable price where the waiter that served us is friendly and he can speak Malay plus a little Mandarin which makes price negotiation goes smoothly.

BBQ squid

Pineapple fried rice

Seafood Tomyam

Tuk-tuk (Pier-Khao Rang-Patong) 840THB
Ferry (Phuket-PP & PP-Krabi) 1000THB/person
Nutella Banana Pancake 80THB
Dinner 1407THB 

We wasted quality time during the journey to Phuket, for my opinion, If you were to visit Krabi, then focus on Krabi only. Plan your Phuket trip another time. Next time I definitely will visit Phromthep Cape.

p/s: Some of the photos were taken by Bryan, big claps for his skills. :P

Stay tuned for Phi Phi post!


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